Our Story

Wendy Shoemaker, owner of Henri’s, is an entrepreneur of many trades and a franchisee. When asked what is the story behind Henri’s, she explains, “On a beach trip, I presented an idea to my friends to bring something to Chattanooga that would require larger number of staffing, which isn’t feasible due to COVID-19 and staffing problems all industries are currently facing. Later in the week, Marisanne Shiver suggested opening a jewelry store. Shortly after the trip, she and I sat down together and dreamed.”

Real estate having been her main focus prior to opening Henri’s, Shoemaker wanted to continue doing something that brings happiness to everyone. “When I sell a young couple their first home or when I sell a family their forever home, it’s full of joy and love,” she says. “On the trip, Marisanne said something that just stuck with me.” Shiver, store manager, asked Shoemaker, “Why do you give a piece of jewelry?” “The answer is to show that you value the recipient,” Shoemaker replied. “Giving a piece of jewelry isn’t just about the trinket – it’s the moment you are creating together. That’s why I fell in love with this industry!”

Brought together by a common goal, Shoemaker and Shiver began their journey. Together, they created everything from the Henri’s logo to each individual piece of jewelry. “Henri’s specializes in custom designing, and we’re committed to offering high-quality, one-of-a-kind pieces, as well as providing clients options for any budget, no matter what walk of life you come from,” Shoemaker says. So, who’s Henri? Shoemaker replies: “Come to the store, and we’ll tell you!”